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hoofbeats podcast

Oct 2, 2018

You know Steve is playing a show in Guelph on Saturday, right?  I thought I would celebrate that by posting our quick, casual horse chat a few years ago, back stage, at Hillside festival.  The sounder he made for the RADIO stn is pretty great... note that you can hear the whole "Running Wild" radio show, including some...

Sep 24, 2018

What does the application to represent Canada at The Worlds (in Berlin 2019) look like?  In this episode of hoofbeats we have a chat with Team Captain, and Vice President of the Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation to get all the details.

Sep 24, 2018

Swoon! In this edition of Riding With The Stars, we hear from Pondercast's Laurie Brown, who you may also remember from 10 years of hosting late night radio 6 times a week on The Signal.  I've been in her fan club since The New Music, and her book Success Without College! Such an honour to have her guest and talk a...

Sep 24, 2018

Here is more original fiction, by Kim Logue

Sep 4, 2018

Rose Cousins sat down with hoofbeats, in the breeze by the water backstage, at Summerfolk festival August 2018 for some brief horse talk.