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hoofbeats podcast

Jun 30, 2020

featuring the webinar from Equestrian Canada, and the call for emergency funding to help the 46000 horses across the country during the COVID19 pandemic.



Mar 31, 2020

In this segment from the radio show, we hear from Noelle with some tips about nutrition and the resources available through Mad Barn.

Jan 30, 2020

In today's segment we learn more about comprehensive health care for your horse, from the founder of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, with an effective line of equine health formulations -- made from uncut, whole herbs.  The liquid extract concentrates are safe, pure and consistent, as well as scientifically researched...

Aug 1, 2019

In this friendly, informal horse focused interview we discuss the recent conference at University of Guelph, the Bachelor of Bio Resource Management - Equine program and more!

May 3, 2019

In this episode of hoofbeats we are in conversation with Horseman and gifted artist Mark Grice.  He is such a multi-talented force, that we discuss his new book!  Finely crafted with detail, humour and suspense, you can also expect a brush with tragedy.

Listener discretion is advised because of some of the themes...